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Boost Your Self-Confidence and Achieve More - 5 Simple Tips

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Confident Black Man toasting Oyibo Woman Confident Black Man toasting Oyibo Woman

Self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling unsure. In business, the more your self confidence, the better your chances to succeed. Use these smart confidence boosters to power your personality and ensure success in all your undertakings.

Self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling unsure. Your self-confidence affects your actions, as well as how others perceive you. The more confident you are, the surer your success is assured.

Use these smart confidence boosters to power your personality; and ensure success in all your endeavours.

Dress Sharp

Be meticulous about your appearance. Dress does not make the man, but it affect how you feel about yourself. We are always conscious of our physical appearance. When you are not well dressed, your carriage and interaction with others become less confident, and it shows.

You need not spend lots of money on clothing. Simply make good quality dressing your way of life. Go for quality fabrics, cool colour combinations, and simple designs. Rather than buy a bunch of lousy cheap clothes, buy half as many on the same budget, but of better quality. That way, you are sure to look good and admirable!

Walk Smart

Smart firm strides make you look important. One way to tell a person's disposition is to watch his walk. Is it slow, tired, painful, unsure or aimless? Or is it energetic, vibrant and purposeful? People with great self confidence walk smart. They have places to go, schedules to keep and work to do. Even if you are not in a hurry, you can raise your self confidence and energy level by putting some verve and spring in your foot-steps.

Great Posture

Your carriage and body language is a great giveaway about you. The way you carry yourself tells a story. Slumped shoulders and lethargic movements point to a lack of self confidence and enthusiasm for life. By adopting good posture, you enhance your self confidence. Always stand upright, with head up and shoulders high. That way you create and leave positive impressions on the minds of others; just as you feel good, alert and empowered.

Stay Motivated

Build self confidence by listening to inspirational and motivational music and speeches. With your internet enabled cell phone you are go to go. Create a pep-talk for yourself. Simply write a one minute advert about yourself, highlighting your strengths, abilities and goals. Recite your self-talk (aloud or silently) whenever you need a boost of self-confidence.

Be Grateful

Count your blessings! Be grateful for Life and the opportunities that come your way. Make gratitude your way of life. Often remind yourself of your successes, unique skills, abilities, relationships and potentials. You will be amazed to discover how much you have going for you! Be grateful - don't let what you want overshadow what you have .

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

© Jay Onwukwe

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