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Protect Your Money with This Mobile Banking Security Tip

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For sure, the era of Information Technology, Internet and Mobile Banking is not only here with us, it is here to stay!  Use This MOBILE BANKING Safety Tip to Protect Your Money!

For sure, the era of Information Technology, Internet and Mobile Banking is not only here with us, it is here to stay! As such, you cannot shy away from such terms as Digital Economy, Internet Economy, Online Transactions, Online Presence, Digital Computing, eCommerce, etc.

They all refer to conducting, transacting or doing business on an online or internet based platform.

If you do any type of online transactions such as Mobile Banking from your phone, electronic device or gadget, there is serious need for you to secure your SIM Card with a PIN code. Otherwise your run the risk of having your bank account wiped clean if your phone ever goes missing or gets stolen.

Activating SIM Card Lock on your phone can save you loads of unnecessary agony.

Follow these simple steps (may vary slightly with phone type) to setup SIM Card Lock for your mobile banking SIM to secure access to your Mobile Banking details, and make them hack-proof even if someone gets access to your phone, device or SIM Card.

  1. On your phone or device go to SETTINGS, then SECURITY, and select SIM Card Lock and follow the prompts.
  2. Tap on LOCK SIM CARD.
  3. Enter your mobile network default SIM Card PIN as follows: For MTN users "00000" ; for AIRTEL users "1111" ; for GLO users "0000" ; for 9MOBILE users "0000" .
  4. If the above step is successful, you will see "CHANGE SIM PIN" ; tap on it to change the default PIN to your own unique 4 Digit PIN. Never forget your 4 Digit PIN or else you lock yourself out!
  5. Confirm your unique 4 Digits PIN by entering it again.

Now no one can access your SIM without your permission because the unique 4 Digit PIN is known only to you.

Remember that from now onwards, each time you switch on your phone, you may be prompted to enter your SIM Card PIN to continue. This is similar to what you do to unlock (PIN or PATTERN) your phone when you power-on after a shut-down.

CAUTION  You must correctly remember your unique 4 Digit  SIM Card PIN (whenever requested)   otherwise you risk your SIM Card getting LOCKED after 4 wrong attempts; and you'll then have to contact your network provider to unlock or swap your SIM.

With the SIM LOCK activated on your device or phone, you can be rest assured that your money is safe from SIM Card fraudsters, because no money can be withdrawn from your bank account without the 4 Digit PIN of your mobile banking SIM which is known only to you!

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Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

© Jay Onwukwe

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