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AbaOsisioma 24 Umule Road, Off 7 Deck, Aba.


Jalin Herbal Enterprises
24 Umule Road,
Off 7 Deck, Aba
Call: 0909 620 4160

JALIN HERBAL Medicines takes care of a whole lot of health issues that are of serious concern to you. GOOD HEALTH need not be compromised in any way as life has no duplicate. With JALIN HERBAL Medicines most health challenges becomes a thing of past.

JALIN HERBAL Products are manufactured in accord with world-class manufacturing processes that meet international standards. JALIN HERBAL Medicines are NAFDAC certified. With JALIN HERBAL medicines your health challenges become a thing of the past. The efficacy of our products is guaranteed.

Try JALIN HERBAL Medicines today and the result will surely convert you to become one of our disciples!  Purchase any of our products from the nearest medicine store, and you will have positive testimonies to share. Don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and prove it to yourself. Thank us later.

Sample Our PRODUCTS:
Our listed products cure the sicknesses and health challenges mentioned:

JALIN HERBAL MIXTURE and JALIN HERBAL POWDER take care of all forms of URINARY TRACK INFECTIONS (such as staphylococcus aurous, syphilis, gonorrhoea, candidacies, etc) as well as malaria, typhoid, rheumatism, waist and joint pains.

 JALIN MANNEX takes care of weak erection and infertility in men. It corrects low sperm count, increases libido and enhances sexual drive.

JALIN FEMALE CORRECTIVE LIQUID corrects menstrual disorders and abdominal pains in women. It clears the fallopian tube, eliminates fibroid, removes every forms of worms, extends the onset of menopause, cleans and restores the female system after birth. JALIN FEMALE CORRECTIVE LIQUID is a must for every woman.

JALIN HERBAL TOOTH SOLUTION solves all kinds of teeth problems including the rebuilding of damaged gum. JALIN Herbal tooth solution is a lasting cure for mouth odour. The JALIN Herbal tooth solution also cures ear ache and all sorts of ear problems.

JALIN DENTAL POWDER whitens your teeth. It removes even the most stubborn stains, strengthens your teeth and the gum, giving you strong healthy white teeth.

JALIN HERBAL CRAEAM is in a class of its own. JALIN HERBAL CRAEAM is highly effective in giving you accurate and lasting cure for any kind of skin diseases and infections including after shave. The use of this cream restores your skin to its natural beauty.

JALIN BITTERS is not just a health drink, it is highly medicinal. While it gives you quick strength and spurs you into action, it takes good care of your stomach, eliminates excess sugar and cholesterol, and stabilizes your whole system.

Contact us:
Jalin Herbal Enterprises
24 Umule Road,
Off 7 Deck, Aba,
Osisioma LGA
Call: 0909 620 4160



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