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Aba Business PAGES

AbaUmungasi 108 Aba-Owerri Road, Aba


Aba BUSINESS Pages ...your Internet Presence made easy!

 Just ADD your Business, Product or Service and Start Selling!

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AbaBusinessPAGES is your reliable information-hub for Business connection. We connect Buyers to Sellers; and Sellers to Buyers. 
AbaBusinessPAGES is a simple and affordable platform for Businesses to quickly activate their online internet presence.
AbaBusinessPAGES is also an online Business Directory

We showcase and market your Business, Products and Services online on the internet to local, state, regional, national and international online communities.

We also list you into the Aba BUSINESS Directory (online Yellow Pagesmaking it easy for new Clients and Customers to find you.

You get a Business PAGE (same as what you are viewing right now), branded Domain and FREE Hosting. Don't worry about the technicalities.  Aba BUSINESS Pages takes care of all that for you!

Your Web-PAGE link is unique and customised with your Brand or Business Name of your choice, eg: (

We keep your Business open 24/7, even when your SHOP is closed.

You get recommended when we receive business, product or service enquiries related to your business niche.

Join us today, claim your Business PAGE, add your Products and Services, and start start Selling!

...your Internet Presence made Easy!

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Aba BUSINESS Pages is your go-to information hub, Directory and Listings of Companies, Businesses, Markets, Products and Services.

Aba BUSINESS Pages is a robust Business Directory that gives you a Business PAGE to showcase your Products, Services, Events and Offers to the world - for great marketing and publicity mileage.  

Every listed business gets a Business PAGE, same as what you are viewing right now.

Business PAGE is a mini website to showcase your Business, Products, Services, Events and Offers to the whole world.

Every business needs marketing and publicity to create product and service awareness, boost its opportunities, customer base, sales and profit. But not all businesses can conveniently setup and maintain websites of their own.

Aba BUSINESS Pages is the simple, fast and easy solution. We work behind the scene to make your internet presence a breeze. Just ADD your Business, Product or Service and start Selling!

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Already have a website? Great! Your Business PAGE on this platform is sure to drive tons of ready to buy traffic to your website or blog, which probably only receives a few visitors presently.

Aba BUSINESS Pages offers you a solid platform to showcase your Business, Products, Services, Events and Offers to the teeming local, state, regional, national and global online communities. Join us!

Robust, reliable and up to date, Aba BUSINESS Pages ( is the info-hub of choice for Businesses, Corporate Organisations, Manufacturers, Merchants, Investors, Buyers, Sellers, Professionals, Artisans, Service Providers, Professionals, Business Clusters, Unions, Cooperatives, and Advertisers.

Join us, ADD Your Business and start Selling!

Need Assistance or Have Questions? Feel free to contact us on 08085271234 or use the contact form.

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Before40 Place 
108 Aba-Owerri Road 
ABA. Nigeria.

Business Hours:
10am - 4pm 
(Monday - Friday)

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