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Newest Product on Aba BUSINESS Pages

IDE Work Toilet Cleaner Fast Action
Laundry & Cleaning
200 Watts LED Solar Lamps
Solar & LED
160 Watts LED Solar Lamps
Solar & LED
120 Watts LED Solar Lamps
Solar & LED
100 Watts LED Solar Lamps
Solar & LED
90 Watts LED Solar Lamps
Solar & LED
Graduation Gowns
Clothing, Fashion & Fabrics
Sports Wear (up+down)
Clothing, Fashion & Fabrics
Woven Sweater
Clothing, Fashion & Fabrics
Clothing, Fashion & Fabrics
Woven Socks
Clothing, Fashion & Fabrics
School Bag
Bag, Box & Leather


AbaBusinessPAGES is your e-marketing platform for Business connection. We connect Buyers to Sellers, and Sellers to Buyers; and help you quickly activate your Business online presence.

AbaBusinessPAGES is the info-hub of choice for Businesses, Schools, Churches, Artisans, Clusters, Merchants, Markets, Buyers, Sellers, Advertisers, Importers, Exporters, and all who want to place their business, products and services in front of prospective local, national and global customers. Join Now!


108 Aba-Owerri Road, ABA.
10am - 4pm (Mon - Fri)

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