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IDE Work Toilet Cleaner Fast Action

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Is the water system rusty, the tiles are rusty, the glasses are rusty, and the marble is rusty? Apply Ide Work Toilet Cleaner and leave for 20 minutes before cleaning and your bathrooms and toilets will shine again.  Ide Work Toilet Cleaner also kills bacteria and gems wherever they may be.

Our Promotion Price is ₦2000.  
Get Four Items FREE when you order!
You get FREE products such as:
Amber Air Freshener - the best odour neutralizer agent, highly effective lasting over 24 hours.
Amber Scouring Powder is the best. Just apply and wash your pots or anything.
Amber insecticide is original - fast action and highly effective. Apply anywhere.
IDE Work Rat Poison is the best. It kills rats in dozens. Just drop it on top of paper and it kills & dries.

NGR 2,000

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Aba, Markets Shop KH 35, Zone 5, Ekeoha Shopping Centre

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